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What Are The Effects Of A Crawlspace Encapsulation? 

What Are The Effects Of A Crawlspace Encapsulation? 

What are the effects of a crawlspace encapsulation – Crawlspace Encapsulations are key for a healthy home environment. A crawlspace encapsulation provides great returns on the health and safety of a homeowner. In addition, it also creates a clean and maintained environment under the home for repairs, and maintenance of vital services.  

 Benefits Of An Crawlspace Encapsulation

One of the biggest benefits to an encapsulated crawlspace comes from clean air.  Over 50 percent of the air you breathe within your home comes from your crawlspace. If the crawlspace is not under consistent supervision nasty fungus spores and bacteria may flow into your home. Over time this will cause respiratory and health issues for the inhabitants within the home. While low exposure won’t cause consistent problems, prolonged intake of contaminated air can lead to chronic health issues down the road. Even occupants with chronic health concerns, such as asthma, can have their symptoms exacerbated by dirty air in the home.  

What Is The First Step In An Encapsulation?

By limiting the amount of moisture in the home, and keeping it trapped in the ground, the moisture that creates mold and fungus stays away from the wood sources that can host these dangerous organisms. Vapor Barriers limiting evaporation in a crawlspace are the first step to limiting both physical damage and health concerns in the home. Beyond an improvement in air quality a vapor barrier keeps the crawlspace dry and limits the possibility of Mold and Fungus growing underneath the floor of the home. Apart from the spores they release, Wood Destroying Fungus is a danger to the structural integrity of a home. A properly installed Vapor Barrier will trap the moisture that allows the accumulation of fungus from ever reaching the necessary wood to form.  

While a vapor barrier is a necessary addition to every crawlspace, standing water on top of the vapor barrier can negate the benefits of the vapor barrier entirely. In some cases, that standing water needs a little help getting out of the crawlspace. Sump Pumps may not be necessary in every encapsulation, but for those with environmental factors that lead to standing water, a sump pump keeps water out of the crawlspace, and away from causing damage to home and health.  

The Last Step Of An Encapsulation

Even without standing water, or water evaporating, some homes may still see signs of mold and fungus. Improper ventilation, or unusually humid air can still cause fungus and mold to grow. In this case, the final line of defense comes from a trusted Dehumidifier. These machines keep the air in the crawlspace at a consistent level, low enough to prevent the growth of wood destroying organism. Dehumidifiers are the last necessity in a proper encapsulation to keep those moisture levels in a constant range. With predictable results when installed properly, a dehumidifier provides a level of comfort and safety underneath the home. Clean air flowing below the crawlspace, a lack of humidity and damage can put a homeowner at ease knowing their home is safe.  


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