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Damp Crawlspace


Damp Crawlspace problems are very common and can be very costly if not caught before getting worse and out of control. Nobody wants a moist, damp crawlspace. It may be out of sight and out of mind, but maintaining a clean and dry crawlspace is vital to the health of your home. Damp crawlspaces and basements turn into a breeding grounds for wood-eating fungi, a scourge that destroys more homes than damage from fires and termites combined. Basements infested with wood destroying fungi are also prone to harmful dust mites, which can increase the allergen levels in your home and adversely impact your indoor air quality.

Keeping your crawlspace dry deprives wood destroying fungi of the moisture it needs to grow. That’s why we offer moisture barrier installation services. Our durable moisture barriers protect your home from the harmful effects of excessive moisture. U.S. Crawlspace installs moisture barriers that help maintain the structural integrity of your home while keeping your air clean. Do you have a damp crawlspace?

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