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Fungus Is Harmful To Health

Fungus Is Harmful To Health

Fungus is harmful to health – According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, approximately 25 million Americans have asthma. This equals to about 1 in 13 Americans. With such a large portion of the country susceptible to fungi spores it’s important every crawlspace gets inspected. An unkept crawlspace can lead to serious health effects for the occupants living inside. Especially, if these occupants already have compromised breathing. If there is a potential moisture build up within the crawlspace this will lead to excessive fungi growth. This fungi growth will in turn lead to variety of harmful effects, including sickness and property damage. 


How Is Fungus Harmful?  

As discussed before, fungus has a variety of harmful effects. These effects can be Longterm if untreated. When fungi grow to copious amounts within a crawlspace it has the ability to seriously affect your respitory system. Increased time living with fungi in your home can lead to the potential of developing asthma, rhinitis, dyspnea, and severe allergies.  


  • For individuals who may have weaker immune symptoms fungi have potentially fatal consequences. Due to their inability to fight off the fungi they are susceptible to the spores in the air. Individuals with asthma would be an example of someone who would be susceptible to the spores. If left untreated they may have an asthma attack.  
  • Over time, individuals who may not have asthma may develop other conditions due to the increase in fungi spores within their homes. An example of one these conditions is rhinitis. Rhinitis is a condition where the individual experiences longer than usually runny noses. This is due to the irritation that is taking place within the nose. This irritation leads to the nose always feeling stuffy and a swelling of the mucus membranes.  
  • For those who experience seasonal allergies, excessive fungi growth will trigger them. If this continues to go on for a span of several months, this may turn into a case of rhinitis. Individuals may also experience itchy or red eyes; this will continue to worsen if the fungi are not properly removed.  


In conclusion moisture build up within the crawlspace leads to the growth of fungi. Fungi can inflict serious health problems for the occupants inside the home. Make sure your family is protected today by calling the professionals at U.S. Crawlspace at (615-USCRAWL).  For more information on how we can improve your crawlspace, visit:

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