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What Pests Are In Your Crawlspace?

What Pests Are In Your Crawlspace?

 Extreme moisture and fungi are not the only pests in your crawlspace. There are several other creepy crawlers that may be calling your crawlspace home. Due to the dampness and the excessive moisture crawlspaces, are perfect habitats for many critters. What are some of the pests that can be found in your crawlspace? 


What Pests can be found in your crawlspace?  

If a crawlspace is not encapsulated, it can unintentionally invite many unwanted guests. These guests can include spiders, cockroaches, termites, mice and even rats. Once these pests have made their way into the home, they can inflict serious damage to the property to the home. For example, if left untreated, termites can burrow themselves within the home destroying it from the inside out. These creepy critters can also make it inside the home if they have found a crack or crevices to sneak through. Pests such as spiders can be venomous, and their bites can be extremely painful.  


How to avoid creepy critters in your crawlspace? 

To avoid pests making a home out of your crawlspace, the best solution is to have your crawl space encapsulated. An encapsulation would completely cover the crawl space and stop any pests who are trying to get in. The first step of installing an encapsulation is laying down a vapor barrier. This barrier helps to control the moisture within the crawl space. As mentioned before, excessive moisture attracts unwanted pests and this in turn can damage your home. The next step would be to install a dehumidifier, this would be a piece of equipment that would also help limit the moisture within the crawl space. When this process is complete the homeowner will see less pests within their home and that is because there no more uninvited visitors in their crawlspace.  


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