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crawlspace-encapsulation-drafty-crawlspaceAIR QUALITY SERVICES

More than 50% of the air you breathe inside your home rises directly from the crawl space. U.S. Crawlspace Encapsulation solutions will help improve poor air quality in and under your home. Low air quality can cause harm to ones health quickly. Consequently, breathing in the contaminates of an unattended crawlspace on a daily basis can stir up asthma attacks and allergies.

High humidity in the soil and air releases destructive water vapor, which rises from the crawl space and into your entire home. Additionally, most crawl spaces have vents, which allow outside air into the space. This air is damp and carries fungus spores which attach themselves to the floor joists. These conditions create musty odors providing the perfect environment for wood destroying insects and other pests, as well as wood rot.




Our durable and professional crawl space liner serves as a vapor barrier system with poly cord reinforcement and an anti-microbial additive, that is manufactured right into the material.

U.S. Crawlspace will encapsulate the crawlspace or basement isolating your home from the damp earth to stop destructive moisture.  It protects you from water intrusion, wood destroying fungus, rodents, insects, wood rot and musty odors. As a result of keeping your crawlspace dry, it deprives wood destroying fungi spores of moisture needed to grow. That’s why we offer moisture barrier installation services.




Wood decay can cause health problems by breathing in bad particles. Therefore, we provide a free assessment to check your home for wood-decay & fungi issues. As a result, we’ll treat wood with our Moldcare/Boracare treatment to preserve it.

Fungi is the world’s quietest demolition crew. While wood-eating fungus may not be as noticeable as pests, wood destroying fungi can set-up shop in the fundamental structures of your home. Left unchecked, it can whittle away your wood. Fungi is also threatening to the structural integrity of your home and can crush its market value. As a result, let U.S. Crawlspace help protect your home from the bottom up. Our experts can keep your home safe.

Crawlspace Encapsulation


What is an Encapsulation?

In the past ten years, many Tennessee homeowners have benefited from encapsulating their crawlspace with a moisture barrier or vapor barrier liner. An encapsulation from U.S. Crawlspace is the solution to protect your home from moisture, wood destroying fungus, moisture damage, bugs, rodents, foul odors and other elements that could enter into the crawlspace.

Vapor Barriers

The U.S. Crawlspace vapor barrier liner is a revolutionary, virgin sourced, interlaced, woven moisture barrier.  Vapor barriers come in varying thickness and quality and not all of them hold up over time. U.S. Crawlspace poly will last for several decades, while a cheap liner or installation will never truly encapsulate the space, and will also deteriorate in a short amount of time. Also, lesser quality crawl space liners can often smell bad and make your entire home smell foul. The purpose of the U.S. Crawlspace encapsulation is to eliminate moisture odor and other nasty elements; poor liners and installation defeat the purpose.

Homeowner Benefits

Homeowners benefiting from our crawlspace encapsulation and moisture barrier liners can also see improved air quality. U.S. Crawlspace customers also see additional benefits by installing a dehumidifier designed for the crawl space environment. U.S. Pest Protection will also provide additional crawlspace and home solutions to protect your home from termites and added pest control measures. All of these solutions will help prevent costly damage to your home and give you a more comfortable space and protect your home.


What is Stack Effect?



Air is always moving between the crawlspace and inside your home.

Even if your floor is insulated, air is still traveling throughout your house.  The process is called the stack effect, or convection. During the heating season, the warmer indoor air rises up through your home and escapes at the top either through open windows, ventilation openings, or unintentional holes in ceilings, like ceiling fans and recessed lights. The rising warm air reduces the pressure in the base of the building, drawing cold air in through either open doors, windows, or other openings and leakage. During the cooling season, the stack effect is reversed, but is typically weaker due to lower temperature differences. As it rises, air from lower levels, including the crawl space, of your home rushes in to fill the vacuum.

Air from your crawlspace enters your home along with everything in it.

Odors, wood destroying fungi spores, and dust mite feces enter your home. This can cause a variety of respiratory problems, including allergies and asthma. Air, often filled with more moisture, gets sucked into the crawl space from the outdoors. In this sense, a poorly designed crawlspace acts like a bad air machine.


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