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Trashy Crawlspaces

Trashy Crawlspaces

Trashy crawlspaces – An unkept crawlspace can lead to a variety of problems over time. One of the issues that can arise from an unkept crawlspace includes trash build up. If the crawlspace is already in disrepair, it may be collecting fallen parts of insulation and other components of the crawlspace. It’s important to get an inspector out to your home and investigate the condition of your crawlspace. Depending on the severity, they may need to install an encapsulation. 


What effects can a trashy crawlspaces have?  

A dirty crawlspace floor can have a variety of negative impacts on your home. Some of these including attracting rodents, inaccessible plumbing, broken air ducts, and harborage for wild animals. Broken air ducts and trash can lead to bad air quality in a home’s crawlspace. This in turn effects the air you breathe. Cleaning your crawlspace so its rid of all the excess garbage and other debris is a relatively easy job. However, if the crawlspace has been left in disarray for quite some time it may be time to call a professional.  


How can the professional help?  

Here at U.S. Crawlspace, we have trained crawl space installers who have years of on-the-job experience that allows them to install your crawlspace the right way. Allowing for rodent and other pests to stay outside and not find a way into your home. When our team of crawl space installers come to your home, they will be bringing with them a couple pieces of equipment that will help keep your crawl space classy, instead of trashy.  


These pieces of equipment will help to keep the moisture in your home at an appropriate level. This way you won’t have any more moisture buildup that will destroy the insulation of your home. If our professionals find that your insulation in your home is on its last leg, we will remove it for you. Additionally, We will install vapor barrier lining on the floor and the walls of the crawlspace, this will help limit the moisture of the crawl space. For homes that are in flood zones, or their crawl space is susceptible to standing water we install sump pumps. This piece of equipment helps to suck in the extra water, and it disposes the water outside of the house.  Lastly, these pieces of equipment are essential if you want to see a healthy crawlspace. Limiting the amount of moisture that makes it into the crawlspace is always the goal. By installing an encapsulation this helps to accomplish that goal.


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