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Moisture Issues From Water Stagnation

Moisture Issues From Water Stagnation

Stagnate water can pose several problems if you are a homeowner. If you have stagnated water within your crawlspace this may lead to moisture issues. These moisture issues in turn can affect your health and the health of your home. So, what are some of the weak spots of every home that can lead to stagnant water?  


Weak Spots of every home  


  • When it rains a lot in a short time period this puts the gutters through a lot of strain because they move the water along the side of the roof. If the gutters are not installed properly this water may be dumped right next to the foundation of the home. This water will then begin to collect and sit right next to the home. If there are any cracks in the foundation of the home, the gutters will be just feeding the crawlspace of the home with water. Lastly, if the house is very large there may be sections of the gutters where the water will stop because there’s not enough drainage points. If this left-over water just sits in the gutters it can lead to fungi and it will attract insects to the home.  

Foundation of the home  

  • As mentioned before water that is being collected next to the house can have serious effects on the foundation. The water in the soil around a home puts pressure on the foundation that can cause cracks, leaks, and structural damage. When water pools and saturates the ground next to the house, it can cause significant foundation damage. Therefore, it is very important to install proper drainage systems around your home.  

Crawlspace itself.  

  • When the gutters are not performing as originally installed this leads to excessive pressure put on to the foundation of the home. When the foundation begins to crack this water will then leak into the crawlspace. This water then collects and becomes stagnate, which invites moisture issues. These moisture issues include wood destroying fungi. It is imperative that if the homeowner Is seeing any standing water in their crawl space that they have someone come out and inspect it.  


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