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Potential Issues In A Crawlspace

Potential Issues In A Crawlspace

Potential Issues In A Crawlspace –  An encapsulation is defined as the action of enclosing something in or as if in a capsule. At U.S. Crawlspace, we take pride in our crawlspace work. If a home is dealing with moisture problems, or humidity in the crawlspace, this can lead to other issues in the home and you may need a solution such as an encapsulation. It is important to get your crawlspace checked every-so-often, to ensure your home is in the best shape possible, for the health of those living inside of the home, and the health of the structure.

Bad Air Quality

There are a few factors that can create an unhealthy air quality in the home. For instance, this can be trash found in the crawlspace, vapors, humidity, freezing, and more. This may be occurring without even knowing it’s going on.

Crawlspaces affect the air quality in the home by rising. Most crawlspaces have vents, so outside air and fungus can drift in and attach to the crawlspace joints. If you are facing bad allergies in the home or any symptoms that seem unusual, we recommend a professional inspecting your crawlspace.

Moisture & Fungus

A common sign of moisture in the crawlspace is a fungus. If you look into the crawlspace, it can be identified as dark areas where you see wood and other components. Other things to look for if you choose to check the crawlspace yourself are standing water, damp insulation, or rotting wood. These problems along with fungus can pose a bigger problem. Therefore, it is highly suggested to have a professional inspect and treat, rather than risking it getting worse.


Can An Encapsulation Eliminate Potential Issues In A Crawlspace?

Many benefits come from getting an encapsulation done to your crawlspace. With an extra barrier installed in the crawlspace, it can prevent moisture odor and bugs. However, if not done correctly, it will last a short amount of time and may result in the problem not being properly handled. Let a U.S. Crawlspace professional inspect your crawlspace and suggest solutions unique to your situation. Lastly, Call U.S. Crawlspace today for a complimentary inspection!

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