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Fungus In The Crawlspace  

Fungus In The Crawlspace  

Fungus in the crawlspace is always a concern you want to address right away. Under every home lives a place that no one wants to go – the dark & damp crawlspace. What many may not know is that crawlspaces are perfect environments for fungus. If they are unattended for extended periods of time, they may have a serious moisture issue building right below their feet. This moisture in turn will lead to substantial amounts of fungus build up within the crawlspace. Untreated fungi have a variety of harmful effects, including sickness and property damage.


Harmful Effects of Crawlspace Fungus

As discussed before fungus has a variety of harmful effects. These effects can be Longterm if untreated. When fungi grow to copious amounts within a crawlspace it has the ability to seriously affect your respiratory system. Increased time living with fungi in your home can lead to the potential of developing asthma, rhinitis, dyspnea, and severe allergies.

  • For people who may have weaker immune symptoms fungi have potentially fatal consequences. Due to their inability to fight off the fungi they are susceptible to the spores in the air. Individuals with asthma would be an example of someone who would be susceptible to the spores. If left untreated they may have an asthma attack.
  • Some fungi are known as wood destroyers because they can rot wood. Two of the most common wood destroying fungi in the state of Tennessee are brown rot and white rot They have unique enzymes that help break down the wood and rot it. These fungi can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage if left untreated.

How To Treat Fungus In Your Crawlspace

Fungi are very resilient organisms who can survive in a variety of environments. Their primary environment is one that is very humid, moist and damp. This means their perfect habitat would be your vaporous crawlspace.

One of the best methods to help limit the spread of fungi in your home is to use fungi killing cleaning solutions. There are a variety of products and solutions you can use to help eliminate fungi problems.


Solutions To Help Eliminate Fungus In The Crawlspace

  1. Chlorine bleach: Easily destroys fungi and removes fungal stains on surfaces, but should be diluted before use, due to its toxicity. Never combine chlorine bleach with ammonia.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide: In a 3-10% solution, will kill fungi and lighten fungal stain on surfaces. May stain clothes.
  3. Distilled white vinegar: Non-toxic solution that kills mold but does not remove fungal stains well.
  4. Baking soda and borax: Mix with water to create a non-toxic solution that stops the growth and survival of fungi.

Othere Areas Where Fungi May Be Present Within Your Home

Other areas where fungi may be present is within your home appliances. These include your fridge, dishwasher, and laundry machine. It’s important to clean out these appliances because they provide a perfect habitat for fungus. One way to clean these appliances is with the suggested products above.

  • When cleaning any appliances within the kitchen it is recommended to use distilled white vinegar because using bleach to clean food areas could be potentially toxic.
  • You can easily clean your washing machine by running a cycle with hot water and chlorine bleach once a month. Be sure to run the washing machine without any clothes in it, as chlorine bleach will stain them. After the cycle is completed, inspect your washer’s door seal and other tight spots that fungi may hide.

The professionals at U.S. Crawlspace can help you eliminate the threat of fungi and moisture in your home’s crawlspace with the services that we offer. Learn about our full crawlspace encapsulations, and all other crawlspace services that we offer! Ask for a free inspection for your home today!

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