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Is A Crawlspace Encapsulation Worth The Investment?

Is A Crawlspace Encapsulation Worth The Investment?

Is a crawlspace encapsulation worth the investment? Let us help you decide. Did You Know: More than 50 percent of the air you breathe inside your home rises directly from the crawl space. If the crawl space has excessive moisture build-up, this will lead to the growth of fungi. These fungi will bring a variety of health problems for the residents inside the home. Individuals with weak or compromised immune systems may have severe asthma attacks brought on by the poor air quality inside the home. One way to avoid serious moisture issues would be to call a professional and install an encapsulation.


What Is An Encapsulation?

Furthermore, encapsulation is an effective method of preventing indoor moisture into your home. It is a procedure that involves using a thick plastic crawl space vapor barrier, to completely cover the interior of your crawl space.  They vary in different thicknesses and quality. This will affect how long the encapsulation will last in the crawlspace. The vapor barrier is installed by laying it out over floors, walls, and sometimes the ceiling of your crawl space. Once the area has been sealed, a dehumidifier is typically installed in the encapsulated crawl space to further prevent excess moisture.


What Are The Benefits Of A Crawlspace Encapsulation?

A poorly kept crawlspace can bring with it many negative effects. One of the major negative effects is poor air quality. By installing an encapsulation this will help to improve air quality and avoid future health problems. These benefits include improved air quality, moisture control, fungi protection, and home protection.

  • Improved air quality
    • Having an encapsulation installed in your crawl space helps stop the spread of fungi spores in your homes. This helps to prevent the musty smell from lingering in your home. This also makes the air in your home safer to breathe because it’s free of contaminants.
  • Moisture control
    • With the crawlspace completely sealed off to the elements, now you don’t have to worry if there is any standing water in your crawlspace. This standing water leads to the growth of fungi, which can become a serious health problem.
  • Protects your house from fungi
    • As mentioned previously, an unkept crawlspace can lead to the growth of fungi. Encapsulating your crawlspace eliminates the problem of fungi spores ever reaching inside your home.
  • Helping to avoid structural damage
    • By having an encapsulation, you are eliminating the amount of wood-destroying fungi into your crawlspace. These fungi can easily destroy a home and cause severe damage. Furthermore, Encapsulation is the solution to this problem with no hassle at all.


Is A Crawlspace Encapsulation Worth The Investment?

Now, ask that question to yourself again. Is a Crawlspace Encapsulation Worth The Investment? YES. If you want to protect the most important part of your home, the structure, enjoy cleaner air inside of your home, and experience less allergies, then give U.S. Crawlspace a call today and get started with a Free Inspection.

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