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Damp Crawlspaces

Damp Crawlspaces

Damp crawlspaces and basements turn into a breeding grounds for wood-eating fungi, a scourge that destroys more homes than damage from fires and termites combined. They are known as the silent destroyers because they can take hold of home without the owner even knowing. Once the owner eventually finds out what going on with their home, the damage has already been done and it is too late. Damp crawl spaces can lead to thousands of dollars in property damage if left unchecked. So, what are some strategies to use to help alleviate damp crawlspaces?  


Strategies to use to help damp crawlspaces 

Many times, when a crawl space is damp its due to a variety of factors. These factors include: 

  • Vents in the foundation letting humid air and water into the foundation. Over time this can create standing water and a buildup of moisture under the home 
  • Exposed dirt in the crawl space can add a lot of moisture to the crawl space air. The ground is damp and as the damp soil dries, the water evaporates upward into the crawl space. This invisible flow of water vapor is constant. This leads to condensation buildup on the wood beams of your home which can lead to wood destroying fungi.  
  • Water from the soil around the foundation seeps and leaks into the crawl space. This is very common for homes that are in flood zones or located in areas where there is a lot of water runoff. This runoff water can find its way into the footing and the walls, through block walls, or through cracks in concrete walls. After the water gets inside, it forms puddles either on the exposed dirt or on top of the vapor barrier and eventually evaporates upward into the air and the house.  


Here are some strategies to help eliminate any possibility of having any damp crawlspace problems 

  • If there are any cracks or crevices, water will sneak into your crawlspace. make sure to have these areas plugged up and fixed correctly. Having runoff water find a way into the crawlspace will lead to standing water. This standing water will lead to wood eating fungi that can destroy the home.  
  • Installing a sump pump will help eliminate the problem of any standing water. Whenever there are days with extended rain fall the sump pump will collect the water that’s going towards the crawl space and spit it out away from the home.  
  • Installing an endcap within your crawlspace. This will help to limit the amount of moisture making into your crawlspace. These endcaps are also installed with a dehumidifier. This helps to take water from the air, so homes in very humid areas, this piece of equipment is essential. The less moisture in the crawlspace, the less you will see a damp crawlspace problem.  

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